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The most attractive features of

Microtown.IO is a fun and addictive farming, business simulation and mini-mart management game that allows players to top their business empire. With your smooth graphics, to relax a wide range of passive gameplays and features, it is easy to see why Microtown.IO has become so popular. This article will detect the most attractive characteristics that players keep coming back to more.

Build and manage your own mini market

One of the main features of is the ability to build and customize its own mini-mart. You start with a simple form stand, but as soon as you collect the goods, collect cash and upgrade over time, you can expand into a rich mini-market Empire. Players enjoy the satisfaction of increasing their business over time and increasing their business. You can add bakery, candy shops and more to your mini mart to expand your offerings. By stocking the shelves, filling a custom order and keeping customers happy is an attractive challenge to manage day-to-day operations of the store. Making your business step-by-step and making it its own is an attractive long-term project.

Casual inactive and incremental gameplay

While actively the construction and management of mini-mart is fun, also provides the ability to retreat and find pleasure in more passive gameplay mechanics. You can hire employees to handle day to day tasks such as harvesting of crops in the field and serving customers in shops. Then you are free to sit back and automatically relax as money rolls. Upgrades also grow over time, even when you are not playing. The number remains continuously and the new buildings are completed. There is satisfaction of progressing progress and profits and checking back. It scratches that itching always move forward, but without actively grinding. A mixture of passive and incremental features with active gameplay provides a winning balance.

Attached agricultural mechanics

Microtown.IO is at the core of goods and profits. Management of agricultural production is an attractive challenge by harvesting crops, animal care and processing stations. The simulation of farming is satisfactory for players who enjoy seeing their land and livestock continuously grow and expand. Customizing your farm with various buildings and decoration also allows you to make your agricultural empire your own. To discover new crops and animals along with technological upgrades such as automatone, provide longer and milestones for a long time. Cultivation mechanics make up for chill, attractive gameplay loops.

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Mini games add variety

In addition to building your city and managing your mini-mart empire, also has a fun mini-game that tests your tapping skills. These quick and vibrant challenges provide the active gameplay burst to break the more useless city management. Serving customers under a time limit, filling the custom order before running out of the timer and more intense “tappers” games provide great variety. Bonus cash and prizes from these mini-marks give you more awards to develop your city. Mini-marks are small but addictive variations.

Play online or offline

Another attractive feature of is that you can play offline, without internet connection. It enjoys walking, such as a long car ride or on the aircraft. You do not have to worry about connectivity. However, once you come back online, your offline progress will be sink. You can play online and compete against other players on the leaderboard. Being an alternative between offline and online play opens the game to enjoy in more conditions. Play on your schedule, whether you have a connection or not.

Long -term progress and goals

A major factor that makes so intoxicated is that there is always a new milestone to work. Starting, goals include the construction of your first few shops and farms. But over time, the game world spreads in more areas with new buildings, crops and prizes to unlock. Searching for new cuisine, completing achievements and climbing the leaderboard provide a lot of long -term objectives. There is satisfaction in working continuously towards the next goal, knowing that there are buildings and areas waiting forward. To complete so much, it is attractive to move forward.

Relaxation graphics and music has a clean and visually cute, cartoonish graphics with pleasant art style. Everything from bizarre village to fun animation of crops and buildings is attraction. The audio is also cool, with peaceful, rustic music. Combined with passive mechanics, it makes a lidback, resting environment. When you just feel unknowingly, it is easy to lose yourself in pleasant scenes and sounds. The style is inviting and actually enhances that “just another upgrade” seems.

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  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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