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Idle Dungeon Raiders v0.1.111 MOD APK (Dev Menu, 20+ FEATURES) Download

App Name Idle Dungeon Raiders
Genre Games Role Playing
Size 178M
Latest Version 0.1.111
Mod Info Dev Menu, 20+ FEATURES
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Download (178M)

1. Unlimited Damage
2. Unlimited Defense
3. Dev Menu

Gather a team of powerful heroes and guide them through a dangerous dungeon in an easy and fun passive game, inactive dungeon raids. As the master of the dungeon, you recruit the heroes, level them, equip them with loot, and send them to the dungeon -generated dungeon generated with demons. Even when you are not playing, your hero continues to fight, causing you to gather awards and upgrade your party. With strategic hero elevation and retirement, you can create an invincible team to clean the dungeon and collect epic loot.


In passive dungeon reders, you form a party of heroes to conquer the dangerous dungeon cell. Simple but addictive passive gameplay also lets you progress offline, in which the heroes are struggling with the demons and collect the loot when you stay away. The main features such as Hero upgrade, retirement, and processionly generated dungeons make diverse and rewarding gameplays.

Hero recruitment

A major appeal to the game is collecting the heroes of your party. As you play, you unlock and recruit new warriors, spellcasters, heales, and more. With more than 20 heroes, you can make parties with different strengths and abilities to deal with the unique challenges of Dungon. To balance the physical mite with mix and match physical support to heroes like Val The Barberian, Ira the Ice Magge, and Cleo the Cleo.

Hero progress

Your hero grows into power as you play, which is incredibly beneficial. Send parties on Dungon run to achieve experience points and levels, to increase statistics such as strength and magic. With each level, the heroes unlock new abilities and passive. Weapons, armor, accessories, and more found in the form of robbery promote their abilities. A completely flat hero feels incredibly powerful, dropping down the draw of demons with attractive fighter animations.

Strategic retirement

A clever characteristic experience has the ability to retire flat heroes for books. These rare books indicate the experience of experience to the remaining heroes, when used, they are quickly leveled. Retiring a hero shuts them permanently, but leaves space for a new recruitment. With strategic retirement, you can create an aristocratic party of highly experienced heroes to deal with the most difficult dungeon of the game, providing great loot for further upgradation.

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Dungeon diving

It is the heart of the game to clean the dungon filled with demons. Difficulty in the dungeon is increasing, which requires a more advanced strategy. Heroes require the correct balance of crime and defense for progress. The atmosphere is generated proactively, so each run provides a new layout and experience. Finding a treasury chests such as random events mid-run or facing elite demons to keep Dungon diverse and exciting diving every time.

Plunder collection

Defeating Dungon and demons provides valuable loot to reward your efforts. Gayers such as weapons, armor, goods and medicines continue to empower your heroes’ rosters. The strong gear allows heroes to move deeply in the gradual period closet. Unique materials from the latter dungeon can prepare mythological equipment with special properties. The loot collection fuel player progress, so it is very satisfactory to catch resources with epic gear and greed.

Offline progress

Idol Dungon Reders makes offline progress, where your party still keeps on struggling when you are not playing. This smart system takes advantage of the passive style of the game. When you are away, heroes earn experience numerals and loot. Just check back to the upgrade to implement your hard-Arjit awards. Thanks to offline progress, the game feels rewarded regardless of your available time. Dungon diving progresses in all hours!

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