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Dragon Quest IV MOD APK is one of the most popular entries in the “Dragon Quest” series, thanks to your stunning gameplays, features and graphic growth to provide the most pleasant gameplay experience. It packs every function introduced in previous games, in which you have a new story to immerse the world’s great expansion and activities.

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A deep combat system with turn-based orientation

The fight is turned-based, and the UI is designed so that the players quickly understand the progress of the war or for a smooth interaction with the party. In each turn, the players will control four different characters; This diversity of personality and skill will provide the team more strategic flexibility and option. During the war, players have a wide range of options, and they must be prepared with the best strategy to deal with each type of enemy.

Explore the world and its vibrancy

The gameplay is not fully focused on war mechanics; It offers many opportunities to engage players to other activities that will make their journey memorable through the world of sports. In addition to war, players can find out the world, discover mysteries, interact with NPC, and shop in randomly generated cities as they progress through sports. As the game progresses, new areas will open and will facilitate attractive material to detect and develop your party.

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Level your characters with new features

In addition, sports include a city-specific mission system and a lot of alternative materials for players. In addition to these characteristics, the game has a separate progress system and a wide backstory for each playable character. After each battle, your entire party will get experience points, which you can spend to the level. With each promotion, the overall data of a character improves, making them better furnished to face future challenges, and some special abilities are available.

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Diversity of arms and equipment

Different characters will use different types of devices, and players can adapt to their characters’ equipment to promote their power. Fighting Monsters is a way to get weapons, but shopping is the fastest way. There are many weapons to choose, and as the plot moves forward, the difficulty of the player’s facial enemies increases, causing you to fight with new weapons.

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Upgrade your equipment and consume consumables

In sports, there is an upgradation system for weapons and equipment; To do this, players collect the necessary resources and spend the appropriate amount. In addition to weapons and armor, the shop sells various useful fighter items and other consumables that help in many battles. Thus, players have several options to deal with enemies in each turn, including attacking, using skills and using objects.

Unique story with different paths

In addition to the backstory of the team members, many other aspects of the game are to find and enjoy. Despite the creative gameplay and intense adaptation options of the game, the story is hypnotized. In addition, the game will ensure that each character has a hypnotic backstory that will increase the overall experience. Dragon Quest IV is an excellent choice if you enjoy a classic roll-playing game or want to play through a story about friendship.

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