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DRAGON QUEST III v1.1.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Genre Games Role Playing
Size 85M
Latest Version 1.1.1
Mod Info Unlimited Money
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Dragon Quest III Mod APK is a visually stunning role with a huge fantasy setting and is a continuous story from previous installments to give you a more adventurous experience. The more unique features in the game are attractive and immerse you in endless possibilities.

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Dragon starts a new journey in Quest World

In this game, you will play brave roles and are still full of hopes and expectations on an adventure -filled work filled with dangerous enemies. The universe of the game is constructed with incredible features, allowing it to be a grand scale and eliminates places to expand its horizons in a fictional world. When you proceed through the game and unlock new tasks and pieces of knowledge, the scope of investigation becomes dramatically wide.

Fantastic and unique twist-based fighter system

The gameplay has a turn-based combat, but with a different tempo, allows for a more creative approach and skill-bo-construction. The player should maximize the effectiveness of each fighting unit using its unique set of abilities, weapons and consumables. As the player moves forward, they will gain access to greater access to the impression of the characters, giving them more and more options facing against many combined enemies of the game.

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Install a new party with different characters

In addition to introducing a class diversification system and other features for the series, Dragon Quest III is the first game to do so. This allows players to acquire characters with compatible or desirable characteristics to increase overall fighter performance. However, he will have to face many issues related to training. Nevertheless, the results and profit pay from the system and give players several ideas to develop many ways.

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Tremendous work all over the world

The mission system of the game is equally complicated, and its connections to overroaching will keep the players busy because they terminate each one systematically. Players of loot earn through these quests, are diverse and complicated, and can be used to improve their equipment or add new members to their squad. In addition, completing the mission will enable the player to reach additional materials and will be encouraged to discover the environment from a new angle.

Customize party member with new elements

In addition to the squad customization feature, the Dragon Quest III allows the players to modify or optimize each character and fighter capabilities. This may involve involving your existing skills in a wide variety of new styles and variations to make war more useful. And it involves anything that has a major impact on their number or abilities like a new piece of devices.

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Win riddles with your intelligent

Sports puzzles are excellent that they are novels, fine and challenging in various ways. The player must interact with the environment to constantly resolve riddles and expose the secret mechanism within each stage. Challenges are very different from one place to another, and players will sometimes require special equipment to attach some environmental characteristics.

The game is different from its predecessor which is thank you for its uniqueness in character building and party management. This allows players to do whatever they want and form their desired party to complete an attractive linear story in a dangerous world. Then, they will be Veer Dragon warriors and protect the world from malicious evils.


  • Create your own party: unlike the previous games in the series, the Dragon Quest III allows the players to form their own party, choosing from different character classes and optimizing their appearance.
  • To detect a vast world: The game has a large open world to detect many cities, dungeons and regions. There are different areas types, such as deserts, forests and mountains, each with their unique challenges.
  • Turn-based battle: The battle is turn-based and in a separate war screen. Players can choose orders such as attacks, rescue, magic use, or using items to defeat enemies.
  • Day and night system: The game has a day and night system, which affects the behavior of some characters and demons. Some areas can only be accessed during the day or night specific time.
  • Character class: Sports have six different character classes, including warriors, grains, clerics, fighters, thieves and traders. Each class has its own strength and weaknesses, and players can go to the appropriate place and switch between classes at any time.
  • Mantras and abilities: Each varna category has its own set of mantras and abilities, which can be learned because they are up to levels. These mantras and abilities can be used in fighting to defeat enemies and to help party members correct.
  • Item Crafting: Players can collect various items and use them to craft new weapons and armor. There is also a casino in the game where players can win coins for the exchange of powerful items.
  • Multiple inner games have several ends at the end that the player makes throughout the game.

You are now ready to download dragon-quest-iii for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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