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Consider a game where each song has a different story and character. If you have not answered, you have never used Siteus II. After the success of the first part, Siteus II was designed to give players more realistic experience when playing tunes. To catch your feeling, make the most compelling stories from the dynamic music industry. Many times, the environment is silent and chaotic, with a heartbeat. Siteus II is a planet where music plays an important role in people’s daily lives.

cytus ii 2

Exciting game upgrade

In many cases, this game is similar to the first game. Siteus II includes many new features and upgrades, including extended music options, adaptable skins and new mechanics. There have been some clear changes, but it retains its attraction and character. The plot of the second part is clear. We will follow the mysterious DJs that have become famous worldwide, and whose music has affected the entire virtual environment of the sites.

cytus ii 3

Dive into the song with your fingers

Siteus’ huge cyberspace is a DJ home named æsir, who shoots its track. Make yourself a virtual king or queen of music business. Sir’s music has the power to incite many emotions in the audience. This is why he praised the audience around the world. ÆSir suddenly announced a big concert. They simultaneously revealed their face to people around the world. That is why people discussed this. Everyone is eager to discover the real identity of the DJ.

cytus ii 4

The popular show started officially just before the show. The crowd has been excited since the door opened an hour earlier. We are all waiting for his show to start. He landed from heaven. It seems that most of the world’s connections have been cut. We are currently on Siteus II.

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Simple game

Siteus II levels are all different tunes, easy to learn but it is difficult to master. In this situation, you will choose a song, whose melody appeals to you. First, the master of simple challenges. You can move your fingers so that they can touch the colored shells. They are originally combined and have a line that moves vertically to the angle of viewing. Only when you overtake the right dot, you will be recognized your time. It is highly rhythmic and provides four other types of music activities. Learn and master them so that you can play all your favorite songs.

cytus ii 5

Amazing free music collection

Siteus II is a collection of almost fully converted rendering of popular tunes by famous DJs and producers. From the US, Britain and Taiwan to Japan, Korea, China… every song has complexity and difference in style. There are several sub-style within each of these main categories. And the music they provide coincides with the players’ actions. It is user friendly and easy to play. They are also held in hierarchy. If you have a favorite song, you can post it as a challenge for players of all skill levels. It was a great experience to see the music again.

cytus ii 7

There are many challenges with different difficulty

The songs, as stated earlier, fall in different degrees of difficulty. The quantity and frequency of music increases as the difficulty level increases. To master it, you must suit your feet and music. Alternative versions also allow the selection of individual tunes. The following versions feature even more innovative sound combinations – a guide for many music components contributing to a good song.

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