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A classic spy board game gets a modern update in 2023

Welcome, amateur and professional detective! In 2023, the Vodunet Board Game that has taken generations captive will be updated. Enter a world of new mysteries where cuts are your biggest property. who did it? What is the weapon of doom? and where? Join a global detective community, collect clues, grill suspects, and solve cases anytime as before.

The iconic Tudor Haveli is re -designed with immersive 3D animation

Start with the basics. The Tudor Haveli, the site of many dinner party allegations and family fights, is more back and better than ever. A fully animated 3D environment replaces flatboard this time. Imagine walking through those rooms without advertisements to solve the mystery of the most famous murder. 3D animation makes you feel that you are there, enhance the glass in the hand, hold a killer.

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Introduction to the final detective sports format for non -informatic investigation

If the original game was fun, try the final detective game format. This special feature lets you interrogate many suspects at a time. Your investigation is no longer linear; Now you can be creative and free like sharak homes, but with better graphics and low opium. This new format adds complexity and strategy to challenge the most experienced detectives. Case files in CLUEDO 2 have exciting new features. These unlockable backstory reveal essential character symptoms, objectives and elibs. As you progress, you will earn a premium dice and token by adding strategy to your investigation. Peeling an onion gives you a sweet satisfaction to solve a mystery rather than tears.

Special clues spice your gameplay with cards and multiplayer options

Hasbro’s clue card adds Spice to the gameplay. Roll a magnifying glass to draw one of these bad boys. These cards let you move freely, ask other players to reveal the card, and more. Detectives get the card “to get out of jail”. Cloo cards add enthusiasm and unexpectedness, making each game unique-AI spy in single-player mode to solve mysteries at its own speed. You can also accommodate difficulty in your abilities. For social types, online multiplayer mode lets you make a team with detectives worldwide. There is also a private online multiplayer mode to question friends and family.

Keep constant updates and new content secrets alive

Cluedo 2 keeps you tilted with more ingredients when you feel that you have solved it. The new Black Adder Resort Crime Scene adds a tropical turn to your investigation. What else? New characters and case files are coming into more crime scenes. You find the secret of a delicious, complex murder instead of a fruitkek, like a gift that keeps on giving. This is, friends! Cluedo 2 is a universe of riddles to solve the game from the game. There is something for everyone in this game, from casual players to detectives. Hold your notepad, magnifying glass, and most suspected friends and enter the world of intrigue and cuts. Happy Sleething!

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